Ava’s First Thanksgiving

We spent Ava’s first Thanksgiving with nana and papa. We had a wonderful spread of food! We ate, laughed, drank, talked about old traditions and were loving Ava.

Over the past week, Ava began making motor boat sounds with her lips and spit. This became the “ba” sound, which emerged two days ago. We are elated that she is starting to blend a consonant and a vowel!
Go Ava!



Sleeping Ava

As Dave and I watch Ava sleep, we whisper to each other “What a perfect baby.” Even when Ava sleeps, we cannot stop gazing at her.
Others have told us that there is no love like the love you have for your child. We have found this phrase to be absolutely true. We say it everyday!



The Weather has Turned

Brrrr! The weather has turned cold. It was in the 60’s yesterday and now is in the 30’s. Thank goodness Ava has her winter gear…thanks to auntie Amy!
Dave and I cannot wait for the first snowfall with Ava!



Tummy Time

What a great day! Ava saw her reflection today during tummy time and gave herself a great big smile. This was the first time she saw her adorable face.

Dave and I were thrilled that we captured this moment together.

Another first for Ava is her ability to roll from her back to her side. It’s only a matter of time before she rolls to her tummy. We will be thrilled when that happens.

Everyday is an adventure with Ava!



Prasino with Auntie Amy

Auntie Amy is in town for a visit and an interview. She has been cuddling with Ava and Hoober. She is sharing her love!
Ava turned 100 days old last week. It is a milestone in the Korean tradition.

She has become very vocal and is intrigued by all things around her. Ava enjoys napping while out on our excursions.

Can’t wait to see what happens in another month!


Daily Post

Happy 100 Day

November 1st is Ava’s 100 day. The 100 day birthday celebration is called Baek-il and is a pretty big deal in the Korean culture. Ava is doing great and growing cuter each and every day. Auntie Amy arrived today for a visit and we are looking forward to a fun week with her.