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What a Past Few Weeks

Ava has had a busy few weeks! She started clapping her hands last week and we cannot get enough! Ava claps when she’s happy, eating, playing and when she sees her family.
I have been working on and off with the straw with Ava. Today, she took her first sip from a straw. She was thrilled when a refreshing, cold beverage came up her straw. She did not want the cup to be empty.
We love this little girl more each day. She just keeps getting cudder!


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Happy 9 Months Ava May Jacobs

Our little precious angel is 9 Months old today. We have enjoyed every minute of the 1st 9 months and we are looking forward to all the fun and changes ahead.
Ava 9 months

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2 years ago today in Paris, Dave asked me to marry him. Fast forward 760 days…8.5 month old Ava. She is a miracle!


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Botanic Gardens

We had a very nice visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for family day despite it being a little colder than expected. We are looking forward to a fun filled summer with Ava and exploring the world.


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Peekaboo Ava

Ava loves when we play Peekaboo with her so much that she started doing it to us.

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Ba Ba Ba

Ava started saying Ba Ba Ba the last couple days and we caught a good video of it Monday night. Time for Dada Mama?

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First Vaca

We took Ava on her first getaway this weekend.
We started out with a picture with the Easter bunny at Bass Pro Shop. This was a pleasant unexpected stop!
Then the real fun began. We went to Key Lime Cove in Gurnee, IL! Dave and I wanted to try out a hotel and see how things would pan out with Ava.
Well, she was her usual amazing self. She slept, ate and played like she was at home!
Ava loved the water park. We sat in the shallow end of the water with the other young kids. She loved the fountains, water and other kids at the pool.
We hope that she will be her darling self on an airplane! We’ll see!