Chicken Anyone?

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Harlow’s first taste of chicken was a success.  She downed the soup like a champ.  She definitely has a preference to veggies over fruit.   She will eat sweeter fruits, but you can tell she doesn’t enjoy them as much as her veggies.


Jak Jak Kong

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When Harlow hears Jak Jak King she instantly claps.  She really is a happy baby and lights up and laughs when she sees Ava.  She stares at her and loves Ava!

Fun Day In Madison

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Mother’s Day weekend was spent in Madison this year.  Amy and Bryce took us to the zoo and fished with us.  Bryce did not disappoint and caught a fish! 

Ava’s first time in a boat was awesome.  She got right in and had so much fun.  This kid is fearless.


Ava Never Stops!

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Ava is all over the place all of the time.  She is into everything and likes to do things she isn’t supposed to be doing.  She gets a kick out of it!

Ava is all over her sister too! She loves her so much.  When Ava wakes up, the first thing she does is say hi to Harlow! 


Harlow is a Doll

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Harlow has a face that needs to be kissed all day long!  She is a calm baby who giggles when you kiss her on the neck.  Her nickname is blueberry because of her perfectly round face and pudgy cheeks. 

Harlow enjoys apples, blueberries, pears, butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower and yellow squash.  She recently started disliking peas.

Harlow rolled from tummy to back on April 1, 2015.

She can sit up by herself for a short time now.   

Harlow uses both hands really well and is grabbing everything within reach.

Gosh, we love her!


Harlow 1st 6 Months

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 I cannot kiss this baby enough times!  Harlow gets sweeter every day. She is a fun-loving, kind baby who is happy and sweet.  She rolled over from tummy to back just shy of her 6 month birthday.  

In the morning she is extra chatty.  The look on her face when she sees me is pure joy for both of us.

She lights up for Ava and Dave too!  This one loves her family and she gives it right back to us!

harlow 1-6 month

Moab 2015

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Moab is a beautiful city.  Blue sky and natural rock formations are just the beginning!

We hiked up to the Delicate Arch which took us abou 1.5 hours round trip.

The first 30 minutes is a climb, which Dave hiked with Ava on his back while she took a nap. Big props to him for making it up with an extra 42 plus pounds on his back.

The view when we arrived to the arch was one we will always remember!

The Red Cliffs Lodge sits on the Colorado River and had horses on premise.  Waking up to the quiet mountain air is the way to live. Ava really enjoyed all this place offered.
Harlow and I would get up before Dave and Ava every morning and had breakfast together.  We then would walk around the lodge and snap a few photos.  Harlow always took a nap in the Ergo while breathing in the fresh mountain air.  I loved this alone time with her in the morning.

Looking forward to our next Utah adventure!

Moab 2015

SLC Mountaineers

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H Rock and City Creek have been conquered.  What’s next on the hiking menu?SLC Fun

Salt Lake City Spring Fun

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The weather here is perfect!  We have gone on a family hike every day.  Grandma and grandpa are amazing hikers

The girls and I spent a morning at the Hogle Zoo.  Animals, popcorn and carousel were a huge hit.  Harlow spent half of the time watching the animals and the other half sleeping.SLC 2015 2

Salt Lake City 2015

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Ava and Harlow are naturals when it comes to hiking. H Rock was a blast.

Ava has loved spending time with all of the animals here.  Part of her morning job is to feed the chicken.SLC 2015

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