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Air and Water Show 2016

The girls had more fun playing in the sand and with paper planes then watching the Air and Water show but the tradition continues.


Daily Post

Ava’s 4th Birthday Party!

Besides being super hot and humid, Ava’s party was a huge success and lots of fun. We had around 60 people and everyone had a blast at Pirates Cove. Christine did a incredible job putting everything together and all the kids had so much fun on the rides and the food was really good.

Ava's 4th B-Day

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Early Birthday Gift!

We surprised Ava with her 4th birthday gift today. She was so happy and loved it after asking for one for the last year. Harlow scored also by getting her big sisters old bike.

Daily Post

Beach Day Evanston!

Harlow and Ava love the beach and sand and could play all day every day. Actually they love everything outside and never want to go inside the house.

Fun Evanston Beach Day